Mentoring Session with Mandy

I had the great honor of conducting a mentoring session with my friend Mandy today in Hope, Arkansas.  We did a lot of talking before we started shooting and it really made me reach way back in my brain to try and remember some of the stuff she was asking!  A lot of the basic camera functions have become so automatic that it was nice to actually re-think some things and talk about why I do what I do.  Mandy caught on fast and took a lot of notes so I think she is on her way!  We hope to get together soon and try some new things.

Our model for the day was our friend Andria.  She has helped us many times and is a great model.  I never get tired of taking her picture.  She is a perfect model, even though she doesn’t think so!  I spent most of my time talking to Mandy about her shots, but I did shoot a few myself when I had the chance.

Those eyes could melt an iceberg!

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1 Response to Mentoring Session with Mandy

  1. mandy bright says:

    Thanks so much for all the pointers and advice you gave to me today!! I have a long way to go but I really have the desire to learn. You were a great teacher!! Andria was a great model!! We had a great time and I am looking forward to practing this week and meeting again soon!! Thanks again!

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